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Internship information blauwe balk

Start:                          In alignment with student
Duration:                   3 – 6 months
Educational level:     Bachelor
Education:                 Technical Computer Science / Electronic Engineering
.                                   Embedded Systems

Assignment | Embedded Debuggerblauwe balk

DEMCON designs embedded systems based on a wide range of target systems. This includes microcontrollers, application processors and DSP’s. The embedded systems are used in mechatronic systems, thus typical functions are: motor control, signal processing, user interfaces etc. For these embedded projects, a general, reusable tool has been developed for high-level debugging: the “Embedded Debugger”. This tool is used for standard reading/writing of variables, has a command-line interface, but also includes graphical plotting and logging. The Embedded Debugger is a PC-application that is written in C#/.Net.

The tool is actively used in multiple projects. Several improvements are suggested by the project members:

  • Integration Matlab/Simulink
    Projects can use generated code from a Matlab/Simulink model. A generic way of debugging the Matlab models on target is required.
  • Python interface
    Python is used to automate testing. This is done by communicating to standard instruments like function generators and power supplies. By creating an interface between Python scripts and the embedded debugger, automatic testing can be further integrated.
  • C / C++ library
    The debug-protocol is simple and the embedded code (C/C++) has a small footprint. The current library has some limitations which need improvement.
  • Parsing compiler memory-map
    The concept of the Embedded Debugger allows full data access to any written code, without that code containing any debug-code. For this concept to be fully exploited, we need to parse the memory-map as generated by the compiler.
  • GUI plugin
    Some projects benefit from a dedicated GUI. To ensure reusability, a plugin structure must be designed, in which these GUIs can be developed.

The student will be supervised by engineers from the software engineering department.

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If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Jos Vos, Software Engineer (phone: 088 115 2000). If you would like to apply for the internship, please send your motivation letter and resume to Marleen Blanckenborg, recruiter (e-mail:

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