Internship | Embedded systems | Embedded Control Platform

START:                                    In alignment with student (2018)

DURATION:                           3 – 6 months (internship / graduation)

EDUCATIONAL LEVEL:        Bachelor / Academic

EDUCATION:                         Electronic Engineering / Embedded systems

LOCATION:                           Enschede


ASSIGNMENT | Embedded Control Platform

Within Demcon Advanced Mechatronics both setups in the experimental phase as well as final products are often controlled using industrial controllers. However, in some projects industrial controllers cannot be used due to e.g. size or power limitations. For those projects, there is the desire to have an embedded control platform. The platform should allow users to get up-and running quickly, and facilitate a rapid development process. This will be done by providing drivers to access the hardware interfaces, and by integrating with Matlab/Simulink.

The project

The goal of the project is to define, design, build and test the embedded control platform with Simulink integration. The platform should include power supply regulation and protected analog and digital I/O suitable for interfacing with industrial sensors / actuators. It should have sufficient expansion options for future use.


During this assignment you will be working on:

-          Defining the detailed specifications of the embedded control platform

-          Selection of the microcontroller or application processor / processor module

-          Schematic & PCB design for the embedded control platform

-          Driver software development

-          Setting up integration with Simulink: platform definition, automatic code generation, and implementing External mode (online debugging of the code using Simulink)

-          Realization & assembly of the embedded control platform

-          Testing the embedded control platform by building a simple demo application


At the start of the internship, a concrete plan will be formulated to guarantee that the scope of the assignment is feasible within the available timeframe.

Are we a match?

If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Frits Kuipers, software engineer (phone: 088 115 2000). If you would like to apply for the internship, please send your motivation letter and resume to Marleen Blanckenborg, recruiter (e-mail: