Internship | Mechanical/ Mechatronic System Engineering | Biopsy system under MRI guidance

START:                                   In alignment with student (September 2018)
DURATION:                           3 – 6 months (internship / graduation)
EDUCATIONAL LEVEL:        Bachelor / Academic
EDUCATION:                        Mechanical / Mechatronic System Engineering
LOCATION:                           Enschede / Delft

ASSIGNMENT | Biopsy system under MRI guidance

Within the DEMCON organization, the business unit Medical Systems DEMCON develops and realizes medical devices for diagnosis, therapy, care and self-care. Applications are found in fields including surgery, therapy and diagnostics. Examples include a needle positioning system under CT guidance, an operating system for eye surgery, a hand scanner for rheumatoid arthritis, a ventilator or a hearing aid. Besides contract R&D activities for clients, the Medical Systems business unit develops and sells devices and technology to end-users via daughter companies such as Finapres, Macawi and DEMCON Medical Robotics.

The project

Within DEMCON Medical Robotics a Needle Positioning System (NPS) under CT guidance has been developed. This system is able to support the insertion of a biopsy or ablation needle into a target tumor in a precise and first time right manner. See also

In a growing number of cases there is a clinical need to do these interventions under MRI guidance instead of CT. Therefor DEMCON Medical Robotics is participating in a European project to make the NPS robot MRI compatible. This project is executed in collaboration with the Technical University Delft. Within this project an important goal is to realize a MRI compatible biopsy system that interfaces with the NPS robot. The system should be able to take and store biopsies within the MRI environment.


Design and build a prototype MRI compatible biopsy system that interfaces with the NPS robot and that is able to take and store biopsies under MRI guidance.

During this assignment you will be working on:

  • system specifications of a MRI compatible biopsy system under MRI
  • design of a prototype MRI compatible biopsy system, includings
  • selection if a MRI compatible needle biopsy needle
  • design of a MRI compatible control mechanism of the biopsy needle
  • design of a storage method for the biopsies
  • design of the interface with the NPS robot
  • realization and assembly of a prototype the MRI compatible biopsy system
  • verification against the system requirements

Depending on the length of your assignment, you will be involved in multiple stages of medical product development from specifications, concept design, detailed engineering, realization and verification and validation.

Additionally, you will learn about design requirements and regulations for the development of medical devices and specifically on how to deal with strict requirements of MRI compatibility.

At the start of the internship, a concrete plan will be formulated to guarantee that the scope of the assignment is feasible within the available timeframe.

Are we a match?

If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Pieter Wiskerke, business development manager (phone +31 (0)6 5717 5449). If you would like to apply for the internship, please send your motivation letter and resume to Annemiek de Ree, HR advisor (e-mail: