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Internship information
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Start:                          In alignment with student
Duration:                   3 – 6 months
Educational level:     Bachelor
Education:                 Mechanical Engineering

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Within the organization of DEMCON, the business unit Industrial Systems & Vision (ISV) develops and implements unique systems with a great diversity for various industrial clients. Our projects are characterized by the following aspects:

  • A pragmatic approach
  • Making use of standard solutions (if possible)
  • Complement these solutions with specific knowledge and applied developments (if needed)
  • Integration of optical systems and vision systems
  • Relatively short project lead time

Amongst others, the business unit ISV is working on projects within the food sector, the pharma sector, the automotive sector, the defense sector, and the building industry. As a mechanical engineering intern you will contribute in working on various projects within the department Mechanical & Industrial Design Engineering. During this process you will be helped and supervised by your experienced colleagues of the department.

During the internship you are expected to be;

  • pro-active
  • inquisitive for technology
  • able to function independently within the organization

To which extent your internship will be successful, is completely in your own hands. During your internship there are constant challenges. These challenges can be completed by making use of the specific and thorough knowledge of your DEMCON colleagues.

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If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Rick Brunninkhuis, Mechanical Engineer (phone: 088 115 2000). If you would like to apply for the internship, please send your motivation letter and resume to Marleen Blanckenborg, recruiter (e-mail:

Marleen Blanckenborg                                         Rick Brunninkhuis Recruiter                                                            Mechanical Engineer