Internship | Mechanical Engineering | Balloon-inflatable introducer

Start: In alignment with student (2018)

Duration: 3 – 6 months (internship / graduation)

Educational level: Bachelor / Academic

Education: Mechanical or biomedical engineering

Location: Enschede

The project

A new project within the DEMCON Medical Systems is the development of a medical introducer with a flexible diameter. This introducer can be used as a trocar to provide percutaneous access to a patient’s body cavity for devices for minimal invasive surgery or as a sheath to provide access for intravascular interventions.

stage me 2

Initially, the introduction of a trocar or sheath always starts with a small opening in the skin. Subsequently, several pointed instruments are used to widen the opening in order to provide access to the trocar/sheath with the correct diameter needed for the interventions.

The new concept, incorporates a balloon-expandable shaft that can directly be adjusted to the correct diameter that is needed. After reaching the right diameter, the shaft can be made rigid by means of UV-light. In this way, there is no need for inserting multiple pointed introducers in order to reach the aimed diameter. And since with this concept, there is no friction or force applied in the direction of introduction, an atraumatic skin-puncture is possible.

The material to build the balloon-expandable shaft which can be made rigid by means of UV-light has already been developed. The project involves the development of a trocar/sheath consisting of (1) a balloon-expandable shaft, (2) a body to allow the insertion of a variety of devices (with changing diameter) and (3) a balloon for expanding the shaft with the ability to apply UV-light to the shaft for the hardening process.