Internship | Electronics Engineering | Wireless Charging

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Start:                          In alignment with student
Duration:                   3 – 6 months
Educational level:     Bachelor
Type:                          Graduation / Internship
Education:                 Electronic Engineering

Assignment | Wireless Chargingblauwe balk

Recently, DEMCON launched the business unit embedded systems alongside of the existing business units hightech systems, medical systems, optomechatronic systems and industrial systems and vision. It is pursued to initiate a growth of this business unit by developing new technologies. One of these new technologies can be defined as Wireless charging.

Wireless charging is more and more used. DEMCON is in constant search of new technologies and eager to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging.

The tasks of the assignment can be defined as:

  • Investigating new development and trends on the market
  • Studying the characteristics of the wireless charging. This includes;
    • Abilities
    • Scope
    • Standardizations (in which countries is this technology allowed)
    • Developing a demonstrator (hardware and software)
    • Power and efficiency
  • Developing the electronics
  • Integration of the demonstrator

Before starting your internship, it is usual to define a clear, framed, and achievable assignment with everyone who is involved.

You will be a part of the electronics engineering department. During your internship, you will be supervised by an assigned electronics engineering colleague who is able to help and support you.

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If you would like to receive more information concerning the internship, you can contact Jasper Rikhof, Electronics Engineer (phone: 088 115 2000). If you would like to apply for the internship, please send your motivation letter and resume to Marleen Blanckenborg, recruiter (e-mail:

Marleen Blanckenborg                                       Jasper Rikhof Recruiter                                                              Electronics Engineer